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Mission Statement

TALK Marketing reflects the consolidation of sampling, research and fulfillment capabilities originally begun by TAL International Marketing over 25 years ago.

TALK Marketing is a full service marketing company committed to providing our clients with word of mouth consumer sampling and promotional services at the grass roots level. TALK Marketing’s exclusive database of clubs, groups and organizations and the use of the group leaders/influencers offers our clients a sampling/promotional vehicle to distribute, educate and interact with group leaders and their members. TALK Marketing reaches your best potential consumer in all aspects of their lives-social, civic, religious, political, work, and play.

Our main focus is on customizing every word of mouth targeted consumer sampling program to meet the needs of each brand/service. TALK Marketing offers a variety of consumer sampling programs including: product dry or wet sampling, educational-DTC/OTC sampling, group specific sampling (PTAs, Nurses, Moms, Seniors, male & female, youth/teen/college), ethnic sampling and group leader (in-home trial) product preview.

Our goal is to partner with our clients to provide a sampling/promotions program that is highly targeted, efficient, cost effective, interactive and that develops word of mouth from peer to peer to leverage the selling message of each brand/product.

TALK Marketing’s services also include consumer research and fulfillment/assembly. Our research department develops quantitative conversion studies amongst those consumers that actually experienced the sample/material trial. TALK Marketing’s research programs include Post-Program Surveys, Post-Program Surveys with Control Cell, Pre- and Post-Program Surveys, Consumer Information Surveys, In-home Product Testing/Surveys, and Focus Groups/Panels. -

“TALK Marketing provides word of mouth consumer sampling and promotional services at the grassroots level.”