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Survey Measurements Such As:

• Product/Material Feedback

• Consumer Awareness

• Trial/Usage

• Competitive Brand Usage


• Purchase

• Purchase Intent

• "Word-Of-Mouth"

• And Much More!

Consumer Verbatims:

"My family loves it! We're switching to this brand!"

"First time I've used this product. I would never have tried it from the ad and coupon in the newspaper, the sample sold me on it…!"

"I am personally purchasing my second bottle of lotion - I love it. If it weren't for the sample I would not have bought this product."



Ask consumers questions such as:

"Approximately how many hours per week do you spend browsing the Internet?”

"Which types of magazines do you subscribe to or read regularly?"

"Which types of activities do you participate in during your free time?"

"Where in the supermarket would be the most helpful/ convenient location for meal/recipe ideas?"

And much more!


Acquire valuable consumer research


Measure the impact of Your TALK Sampling Program

Because our client’s samples or promotional materials are distributed to consumers at their club, group, or organization monthly meetings, all TALK Marketing Programs are measurable. We can follow up with sample/material recipients via a survey to acquire a variety of consumer feedback 4, 8, or 12 weeks after product distribution. Survey participants are selected at random and remain anonymous which supports honest consumer feedback. A monetary incentive is offered for survey participation in the form of a check made payable to the organization or desired charity for each completed survey submitted by an organization member by the deadline provided.

Each client's survey is developed to meet the individual client's research objectives.

All TALK Research Program respondent bases are 100-200 unless more or less is requested.

Research data is tabulated by an independent tabulation company and forwarded directly to the client. A data summary report is then provided by TALK's Research Department.


Select from one of the following Research Programs:

Post-Program Survey - Provides quantitative data on a variety of topics. This research program is used by marketers who want to acquire feedback directly from consumers at a designated time period subsequent to sample/material distribution. A post-program survey may also be conducted the same day following product trial for immediate consumer feedback, if no data measurements are desired regarding consumer purchase in the month or more following sampling.

Post-Program Survey With Control Cell - Coincides with our Post-Program Survey. This research program is most often used by marketers who want to measure the impact of a TALK Sampling Program at a designated time period subsequent to sample/ material distribution and want to compare this data with that from like consumers who did not participate in your TALK Marketing Sampling Program.

Pre- and Post-Program Survey - This research program is used by marketers who want to survey consumers prior to their receipt of samples/materials and then again at a designated post-program time period via two separate survey distributions for the comparison of data sets.


Let TALK Marketing meet all of your Consumer Research needs…

In addition to and independent from TALK Marketing's Sampling Program Surveys, TALK can meet all of your consumer research needs via a wide variety of research programs to acquire valuable data from your best potential consumer.

TALK Consumer Information Survey - Provides quantitative and qualitative data on a wide scope of topics and consumer behaviors. This research program is used by marketers who want to acquire targeted or general consumer research, but do not have the need for specific product sampling.

In-home Product Testing Survey - Acquire high-validity data for product claim support or product development. Screened, scheduled participants experience your product in the comfort and convenience of their own home followed by survey participation.

Focus Groups - Focus group sessions with TALK Marketing's group leaders give opinions on products, services, and/or promotions. These sessions can provide valuable feedback on your product/brand direction. Typically 8-10 consumers. Video-taped sessions available.



Snack Chip - Test vs. Control Cell TAL 8 Week Post-Program Implementation Comparison

Program Objectives:

  • To increase consumer awareness of the client's brand of new snack chip
  • To encourage trial
  • To generate purchases for the brand
  • To generate word-of-mouth for the brand


  • Implemented a TALK Marketing Word of Mouth Sampling Program among target consumers which provided retail-size containers of chips and salsa, festive serving trays, napkins with product logo and serving spoons for group members'
  • Wet-sampling of the snack chip at their meeting.
  • Conducted a survey 8 weeks following sample distribution in a Test cell and a Control cell of like participants.