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Word of mouth consumer sampling

TALK Marketing develops brand specific programs via TALK Marketing’s exclusive database of clubs, groups and organizations. Distribution of samples and/or promotional materials at scheduled meetings, gatherings and events generate communication amongst target audiences, thus creating product/brand awareness. TALK Marketing’s unique relationship with and usage of group leaders (thought leaders) affords marketers the ability to reach their target audience via the grass roots setting generating trial and stimulating “word of mouth” peer dialog and purchase. TALK Marketing offers customized vehicles that can reach every target audience with efficient, cost effective and controlled dry or wet sampling programs. TALK Marketing’s participating groups have been able to sample, and/or receive coupons and promotional materials from categories such as the following:

  • Food & Beverage: coffee/specialty coffee, cereal, pudding, healthy snacks, vegetarian products, frozen/refrigerated foods and beverages, gourmet cookies, tortilla chips and salsa.
  • Household Goods: antibacterial wipes, dry wipes, dishwasher detergent, storage bags, home dry cleaning product, fabric freshener.
  • Personal Care: toothpaste, hand cream, anti-aging facial products, feminine hygiene products, shampoos and cream rinse, hair color/perm products, makeup, dental whitening product.
  • Health Care: OTC, DTC educational programs for prescription products and/or targeted health-risk awareness.
  • Consumer Services: Educational programs informing consumers of services available to them.
  • New Product Launches: for shampoo, cream rinse, dishwasher detergent, dry wipes, tooth whitening product, home dry cleaning product, anti-aging facial products.

Our clients include Procter and Gamble, Revlon, Pharmacia, The Clorox Company, Con Agra, Novartis, S.J. Johnson & Son, Wyeth, The Kellogg Company, Georgia-Pacific, General Mills and Bausch & Lomb.

Reach up to 20 million consumers within the U.S. through TALK Marketing’s exclusive database of clubs, groups, and organizations.


ABOUT TALK Marketing's Targeted Word of Mouth (WOM) Consumer Sampling or Promotional Programs:

INTERACTIVE & EXCLUSIVE! TALK Marketing’s highly trained placement personnel contact individual Group Leaders (according to our clients target profile) who belong to a diverse selection of social, civic and professional organizations. Group leaders are personally invited to participate in your customized sampling/promotional program and bring materials/samples to their next membership meeting/event.

  • Standard WOM Programs: reaching target consumers through small, medium and large group settings.
  • Customized WOM Programs: exclusively small group settings, Medical, Ethnic, C & D Counties, specific targets, and Group Leader Preview.

Group Leader Preview Program:

AT HOME TRIAL! Reaches Group Leaders (thought leaders) of clubs, groups and organizations to invite them to "preview" your product/services. Creates implied endorsers/thought influencers to sell for your brand.

Direct to Target Program:

COST EFFECTIVE! Samples sent directly to groups from our exclusive database belonging to a diverse selection of social, civic and professional organizations that agree to receive periodic shipments from TALK Marketing for membership/event distribution.

Cooperative Program:

SHARE THE BENEFITS! Groups from our exclusive database are invited to participate in Cooperative Word of Mouth Consumer Sampling Program. All the benefits of a TALK Marketing WOM Consumer Sampling Program and this cooperative program contains a generous corporate discount for companies who contract with 3 or more participating brands and meets program standards.

SPECIAL- Rapid Distribution Program:

SPECIAL PRICING! Contact TALK Marketing now for reduced sampling rates for rapid distribution of dated, soon to expire, surplus materials/inventory as well as targeted sample distribution for large-scale events/organizations.

“TALK MARKETING reaches your best potential consumer in all aspects of their lives-social, civic, religious, political, work and play!”